The Hip Swayers
Dave Blodgett and Toni Ostrow - Hip Swayers

Hailing from the hills of West Tatnuck, the Hip Swayers are a good time, get up and dance band. Their music combines tight rhythms, searing solos and soulful harmonies in an eclectic mix of catchy originals, old time country, and twangy, reverb-soaked surf that keeps your toes tapping and your hips swaying. » Read the bios

Booking a band? The Hip Swayers are talented, affordable, and FUN! Available as a duo, trio or quartet (the Deluxe version), the Hip Swayers entertain in both booming metropolises and backwater barrooms. We have performed north and south of the Mason Dixon line and on both sides of the Continental Divide including gigs in NYC, Montreal, Cambridge, San Francisco, Oakland, Knoxville, Asheville and New Orleans. Be it a backyard brewery hoedown or swank art gallery affair - we'll be there to add sway to your day!

"The Hip Swayers know the power of a catchy song and use it to their advantage." - Luke Knowles, Worcester Magazine
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"These performers from Worcester, Massachusetts are not to be missed! A bit of Hank Williams sensibility, Carter/Cash authenticity, and infectious personality." - Music Editor, San Francisco's City Guide

"Caught them tonight at Beatnik's. I was trying to be nonchalant but eventually I cracked. I was swaying too. And it wasn't the beers! Toni and Dave great vocals. Solid rhythm section. Guitarist played a Tele - bluegrass, country, slide, surf-all going' on. Nice treat for an old city boy. Thanks Hip Swayers Deluxe!" - Joe D'Angelo, guitarist and Worcester musician

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