The Hip Swayers
Hip Swayers Deluxe

Dave Blodgett, vocals and guitar
It's been said that Dave was born singing. True or not, Dave's passion and versatility can be heard belting out tunes from The Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Lefty, Hank, and the Merles, as well as his own carefully crafted compositions. His finger-picking guitar style echoes that of the great Merle Travis.

Toni Ostrow, bass and vocals
Post-punk proto-grunge thrasher turned roots rock devotee, Toni holds down the bottom that drives the band. Her interpretations of Patti Smith and Melba Montgomery tunes and her own Kerouac inspired lyrics contribute to the band's eclectic repertoire.

Dave Niles, guitar, slide, lap steel
A legend in his own mind, Dave is a master of many styles and techniques, some of them even noteworthy. Hailing from Boston (or New Hampshire, we're not really sure), he grew up listening to Clyde Joy, Rex Trailer, Ricky Nelson and anything British.

Mark Cherrington, drums
Mark has blessed stages from Beantown to Buffalo and Omaha to Santa Fe. His relentless pursuit of the perfect backbeat can be heard on any given night, even when he's relaxing at home. A westerner at heart (he lives somewhere in the Pioneer Valley), his playing conjures up dusty roads, cattle drives and the wide open prairie on the outskirts of Amherst.

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